Why do ideas die? The 14 ways of thinking that kill real innovation

Adapted from, and inspired by, Cliff Bleszinski’s Game Developer Flashcards.images

1. There’s no precedent – if it hasn’t been done before (or done well) it shouldn’t be done.

2. It’s been done before –  the reverse; a potential pattern match masks the  innovation.

3.What if people trip over –  edge case scenarios drive fear of failure.Read more…

The case against cars – perfectly communicated in one animated gif.


You could argue this is one of the best pieces of animated giffery, data visualization and education delivery ever made, which I think it is. Perhaps most importantly though, this is just a brilliant, important and incredibly effective piece of communication. Hats off. VIA http://m.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/11/the-case-against-cars-in-1-utterly-entrancing-gif/281615/